Canvas Architecture

Canvas Architecture

Building Canvas Tents

East African Canvas Company is known for its distinctive canvas tent designs directed at absolute customer satisfaction. Crafted in response to the global rage of ‘glamping’, our tents offer a great outdoor experience without sacrificing luxury, elegance or romantic ambience. Our products are purpose-built to do well in almost any weather and terrain conditions. Our crew of technicians and site consultants helps you develop designs that meet international standards.canvas1

Merging Aesthetics with Utility

The flexibility of canvas is a leeway for creativity and experimentation with the architecture of luxury tents. We draw on this to create individual and tailored designs that uphold our dual priorities of aesthetic appeal and utilitarian value.

Making the Most of Eco Architecture

As responsible tent makers we stringently follow the principles and methods of eco-architecture to ensure minimal impacts on the environment, while working with renowned interior decorators to redefine recreational African camping.

We welcome the global shift to greener living and are in strong support of the trend towards lavish tent living incorporatinggreen solutions rather than stone and mortar. Our facilities celebrate minimalist living without compromising on quality and luxury.


Explore the range of camps we have completed in Kenya. 

Reviving the Spirit of Tent-DwellingAt East African Canvas Company, we are passionate about preserving the spirit of pioneering dwellings. Symbols of old colonial architecture, tents served as temporary and permanent shelters for many nomads, explorers and hunters in bygone times. Today, they have become an imperative for those who love to chase the wilderness or walk on offbeat trails. These accommodations are temporary or permanent homes for people consumed by personal or professional wanderlust.

Taking Tent-Making to Another Level

Our bespoke safari tents are glamorous camping with an innovative and stylish edge. All of us cultivate a common interest and passion, to create tents that are unconventional, extraordinary, and ground-breaking, but also as per specification and in harmony with the surroundings.

We pay attention to details and take projects from inception to completion. Each tent is designed to impart luxury whilst optimizing functionality, capacity, seasonality, eco-friendliness, and other key features such as peak height, floor length, poles, doors, rainfly and ventilation.
Our Safari Tents Feature…

  • Hard wearing, UV stabilized, flame retardant, mould resistant, weatherproof canvas
  • Durable rain flysheet, shade net flysheet
  • Power coated steel frames
  • Removable YKK zip for easy replacement
  • Treated wooden poles
  • UV stabilized thread.

We believe the world is our canvas.