How It Works

How It Works

East African Canvas Company is a full-service canvas manufacturing company with a long-standing industry presence that foregrounds design innovation, exceptional quality and sheer luxury. Focusing on turnkey solutions, we follow a road map to create tents that are built to last and created to impress.


We deploy a team of experts for inspection who assess your space and advise on its optimum use. Additional consultation is offered on what would fit your weather and eco needs. A realistic time frame is suggested before undertaking camp planning and site preparation. Thereafter, design, construction, installation and maintenance are carried out with a focus on specifications and environmental considerations.



Our goal is to deliver tents with the exact ambience that you desire. Employing an in-house team of canvas designers and architects, we work on shared ideas and innovative thoughts to create a blueprint before proceeding with the design. Applying our knowledge and skills, we liaise with clients to design tents that suit their specifications.


The architectural planning is extended to prototyping as you receive a realistic image of your tent design. The preliminary version is constructed as either a real-size or scale model. Flexibility of design is maintained so that it can be modified as per personal preferences, thereby avoiding errors and project delays. The prototype is then used for the production process.



A team ofspecialists supervises the entire manufacturing process- sourcing the best grade materials from trusted vendors, responsibly using resources without cutting corners, and employing professional techniques.Special attention is paid to minimizing issues that arise with the execution of design plans. The team works in groups and each step of the manufacturing process is undertaken with rigorous quality standards andcontrol. We also provide maintenance training to enhance the durability of your tented accommodation.


East African Canvas Company is a one-stop shop for all canvas tent requirements, with an extensive range of furniture and accessories including chairs, tables and wardrobes.